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                                                            Role of Telehealth in Modern Healthcare

Telehealth plays an important role in healthcare in Australia. It provides great opportunities to improve access to care particularly to those living in rural and remote areas of Australia.

Standards of care via Telehealth should match in-person consultations. This requires use of sound technology and commitment by both patient and the healthcare provider. Information below will help in ensuring high quality Telehealth appointment .

                                                                    Preparation Before Appointmen

Please make sure you have correct time and date especially if you live in a different time zone.
You have completed registration and consent paperwork.
You have paid for the consultation.

You have decent internet and a device (mobile, tablet or a computer).

                                                                    On the Day of Your Appointment

Make sure you are in a quiet place and sitting comfortably in an adequately lit room.

Please ensure you are have dedicated time for this appointment to avoid disruptions where possible.

Make sure you have all relevant information with you–for example, blood test results , blood pressure recording or anything else that the doctor may have asked you

Have a pen and paper handy for notes, and think of any questions you would like to ask.

Connect to your appointment 5 minutes before the time provided using the link already provided to you or find it in the Telehealth section of our website.

To ensure your safety, doctor will refuse to see you, if you are driving during your phone call or video consult.

If the doctor has asked for collateral information, please remind your family member to join.

                                                                       During the Consultation

Ask any questions that you would like.

Do not forget to ask for prescription, letters or certificates, as needed.

                                                                        After the Consultation

Call the office to book your next appointment, as discussed with the doctor.

Attend tests or investigations as discussed with your doctor

Pay doctor’s fee, if you haven’t already.