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Referral & Consultation

Who can Refer

  • Your GP can refer you for one off assessment (Medicare Item 291) or for ongoing care (Medicare Item 296) for up to 12 months. Sometimes GP can refer for indefinite care as well.
  • Specialists can also refer patients to us but their referral is valid for 3 months only following which your GP can refer as above, if necessary.
  • Getting Referral and Finding a GP- It is best that you get a referral from your own regular GP. This allows us to collaboratively provide care. We write back to your GP after your initial and most follow up appointments.

If you don’t have a GP, you can search here:

Booking an Appointment

Normally, when your GP or specialist refer you they send the referral to us via a secure electronic communication portal (called Medical Objects), fax or email. We will contact you within a week of receiving your referral.

However, if you been given a paper copy of a referral, you can email it to us or upload it here:

Preparing for your Appointment

It will be very helpful if you prepare of list of current medications and conditions these are prescribed for. Please also prepare a list of past psychiatric medications you have used and the reason for discontinuation (e.g. side-effects or allergies). If you have seen a psychologist or have undergone treatments such as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) or Ketamine/Esketamine Therapy, please let us know the details.

You can use the following link to fill the above details. These are electronically submitted to us and doctor can review the information during or before the appointment.

Online Form – New Patient Clinical Information

You will receive Automated Text Message a week before your appointment. Please respond to it ASAP to secure your appointment. If you no longer need it or would like to reschedule , please call us to cancel/reschedule ASAP. If no conformation is received two days before your appointment, it will be cancelled and offered to someone else.

Your Appointment

  • Please arrive 10-15 minute before your scheduled appointment to allow for necessary paperwork to completed.
  • Psychiatrist will see you for minimum 45 mins or more for your first appointment.
  • Information about your symptoms, past history, treatments tried, your family and childhood is collected.
  • It can be helpful to a get collateral information from your family member/support person. This will be done only if you consent to it. For certain conditions such as dementia, collateral information may be necessary.
  • At the end of your appointment, doctor will give you feedback of their impression regarding your mental health difficulties and share their ideas about treatment plan.

Assessment Only vs Ongoing Care

Your GP may refer you for one off assessment (Medicare Item 291) or for ongoing care (Medicare Item 296).

Following a 291 assessment a comprehensive assessment and plan is shared with your GP who carries out treatment interventions based on our recommendation. Your GP can refer you back to us for a review of treatment plan (Medicare Item 293) or for ongoing care anytime should this be necessary.

If you are referred for Ongoing Care, we offer you follow-up appointments and deliver care collaboratively with your GP. Collaboration with GP and other professionals is very important in delivering a high quality care.